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Hello! I'm new to fiverr. Looking to sell my work and level up my experience

I’m new here, And im looking to sell my works or make/edit videos for other and i dont know where to start and what would make my gig stand out. I’m looking for some guidance.


Welcome to the Community.

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Hey and welcome to the Community!
First of all, there is a search function and its there for a reason. New people very often ask how to improve their gigs or how to attract customers, so you will get plenty of results from that search thingie!

Secondly, I’d suggest you to run over your text in that gig of yours to fix spelling mistakes. There are some!

And finally, using caps lock description of your profile may throw off some people. :slight_smile: Good luck!

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oh thank you!!!
I will fix the spelling mistakes and caps lock description.
and thank you for telling me about search function, too.
and Thank you again! :grin: