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Hello, I'm starting on fiverr

I’m new to fiverr, nice to meet you all…

It’s been a while, but I couldn’t get my first order. tried buyer requests too. no luck.
Any advice please?


You’re off to a great start, as I’ve only gotten 4 hits from your gig text on Copyscape, and all appear to be your own accounts. I would suggest maybe rewriting your gig text here so that it’s entirely unique, even from your accounts on other platforms; that will help your SEO.

I will say that the white text on the pink tabs on your main gig image is very hard, nearly impossible to read - if you’re selling the idea of a good-looking site, it doesn’t inspire confidence. As I’ve mentioned to other new sellers, as a buyer I need to see - immediately - not only your work, but why you’re better than the massive amounts of other Wordpress sellers on here. At least one of your 3 gig images should be an actual screenshot of some of your work.

I used a site called AnswerThePublic, which I use for writing ideation, etc. It offers insight into the phrases people are actually searching for. These are words/terms you should try and incorporate into your gig, if possible:

Finally, you need to figure out what you do differently/better and emphasize it. Everyone goes towards time/cost, but the only thing that will land you is twitchy, cheap clients that expect blood from a stone in 3 hours. Instead, highlight some part of your design skills that really shine, or focus on a popular niche in Wordpress site creations that are aimed at earning money - a hair salon, a restaurant blog, an affiliate marketing site, a dropship store, etc.

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Really appreciate your kind words, So sorry it took me this long to reply to you… I’m trying to make a plan to incorporate your advises and how to improve myself on this. again, thank you so much…

You are welcome. You need more patience to get good results.