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Hello, is it possible to deliver a work and then receive nothing?

hi guys , i’m uploading a vdo file which is really large , 250 MB while fiverr

only allows 150 MB , i’m trying to resize it ,

Meanwhile I was thinking about uploading into the free file hosts online .

But would that mean that if i send the link to my customer , and they would receive the file right away ?

so if they would cancel the order, or not marked as complete, it is possible for me to be working for nothing ?

let me know guys , big thanks

Make sure to use the ‘Deliver’ button to send the link URL. Then even your buyer didn’t mark it as completed it will automatically marked as completed after 3 days. You will get your earning after 14-16 days.

Reply to @laconception: okay, thank you so much for your advice :slight_smile: