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Hello! i've just started my gig with manga style art

Hi there,
I’m new here in the forum.
I’m actually not that new in fiverr, but I’ve just open my gig yesterday.
I draw mangastyle man/boys
but I can’t draw old man, R18, anything nsfw is still a big no hahaha… I am also bad with full armour and machine or furry. a little bit of blood is ok. I can’t handle gore.

I also draw cute chibis/pets. I love to draw them round, chubby fluffy :smiley:

I honestly in need of money to quickly get out from my abusive home and live independently.
so I’m trying in every way I can.

here is my gig :
drawing handsome man/boys :
drawing cute chibi :

thankyou in advance :slight_smile:
I wish you all a happy day :heart:


welcome to the fiverr community best wishes for you

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thankyou very much for the wishes :heart:

Welcome :hugs::heart: Stay here and pleased.

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