HELLO. Legendary People Give me some Tips


Hello everyone,
i am new in this site give me some tips how improve my sell ,can anybody to improve my sales give me some suggestion


LEGENDARY TIP - Read this 💡 Guide: Get your First Order

Read the UPYOUR series etc

Try and search on the Forum and you will find great tips and dont forget the Holy Grail of getting sales - https://www.fiverr.com/academy



Eat Nescafe, hook your self up to a Red Bull IV, and tell all your friends not to worry if they don’t next see you before you hit 40.


I ain’t legendary or anything, but here’s my tip:

Background removal is a VERY common service being offered here at Fiverr.
Your samples look fine, but to be honest nothing stands out and they don’t impress me.
You might want to prepare better looking sample images.



Thanks for the Legendary Mention! :heart: