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Hello! Let me introduce myself - Photo Editor

Hello everyone! My name is Evgeniy and I’m happy to be there! I’m working with photos, so I decided to test myself on Fiverr)
I think, everything will be awesome!
I know, that this is special theme for introducing GIGs, so let my present mine :slight_smile:

I think, that 2 of my GIGs can by more popular than other my services. It’s - all about photo edit and retouch in Photoshop
and - base correction of bunch of images in Lightroom.
I think that it’s always needed)

But there are 2 other GIGs, which are more interesting for me, as for editor: - it’s GIG for more complex photo editing jobs, for different kind of photo manipulations! And I love it!
And, of course, my last, but favorite GIG is - it’s all about fantasy retouch and different things like that) I really love fantasy style and it’s my passion! I know, that is not so popular theme, but I think, that it can be here too!

Best wishes and good deals to everyone!!! :star_struck:

Thanks! Sure I will :wink:

Oh! So many different themes - that’s cool)
PS: lovely shots!

thank you!!
I hope to grow