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Hello Level One!


I hit two milestones - I made over 500$ my first month, and I also got rewarded with “level one seller” status at the end of my first month as well!

Yay Fiverr!! And now my return clients can get the “buy multiple” and gig extras they’ve been asking me for!

Now that I have reached level one I will also be adding a new gig soon as well, it will be a video one - got some ideas for it already. a little break from my normal serious gigs :slight_smile:


Congratulations! Yes, once you level up you have more selling options which is great.


Excellent ! Congrats


Congratsss !! :smiley: Hope we both make it to level two soon :wink:


Reply to @sherineza: Me too!! My next goal, ha!


Congratulations @deannabalestra

Small suggestion for you: Add a Separate GIG for Getting Some THANK YOU TIPs from Buyers for completed work.

If you really work hard and people like the work surly they give a nice TIP most of the time. IT will help increase not only MONEY but Reviews and Rating also.

Kind regards,





Reply to @bitbyteworld: Yes I will totally do that!!