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Hello, little bit introduction about myself

Good day everyone!!

Since I am new here so I thought it would be better to introduce myself and get familiar with Fiverr forum.

Lets begin

My name is Fahim and I am from Bangladesh.

I am a newbie here in Fiverr marketplace. I am an accounting professional and certified Quickbooks Online ProAdvisor. I am a Business graduate with Finance and accounts major. So far I have created 7 Gigs in my Fiverr account relevant to my skills.

Why did I decide to work online?

Previously I worked in several organizations. Which were actually 9.00 to 5.00 PM job. But now I don’t like to do the job anymore. I came across the idea that there is more freedom of working online where I can use my skills by maintaining my time schedule every day. In the meantime, I can read books, watch movies, etc. besides working online in my free time.

What do I like?

In my leisure time, I do love to watch movies, documentary, reading books, reading and writing blogs (trying to write in fact), etc.

So that’s a little bit information about myself. Hope I can enjoy working here. :slight_smile:

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