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Hello! Looking for collabs in marketing/video/website

Whale, hello there! My name is Emily and I just joined Fiverr. My company is Wave Makers Group. While I think this site is amazing, I also love partnering with other designers, content writers, video editors, etc. etc. If anyone is in the marketing world and would like to connect, shoot me a note!


Warm welcome to fiverr forum!
I wish you the best of experience :slight_smile:


Hey Emily!

Welcome to Fiverr. What are you most interested atm? I’m focused on content marketing and developing some domains that I own, while still marketing others for sale.

Fiverr is a neat community to reach people that are go getters.


Thank you! Have you been able to get leads through Fiverr? Do you have suggestions if so?

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Wow, excellent. Taking in consideration the client portfolio I would advise you to apply for Fiverr Pro. There is a wave right now (I think) because I got an email asking me if there is someone I would recommend.

Welcome to the fiverr world

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Thanks for the suggestion, I applied!

Right now I’m focused on helping female entrepreneurs and business owners either step up the marketing or create a new company. I’ve started to sell my WordPress services more so since that allows for creating logos, branding, content, etc. as needed. I could use a good content marketing partner though. I’ll check out your work :slight_smile:


Hello Emily, I can collaborate with you for video editing in the marketing field. Let me know, how may I assist you on this front?

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