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Hello lovely new people, buyers/sellers and others! Here is what you wish you had read BEFORE things went wrong…


Firstly, hello and welcome to this great community of freelancers, small or big business owners, sellers, buyers, others and the various mixes thereof! So nice to see you here!


But now in medias res, so you can soon go back and do/get done what you came here for - Gigs.

Seller or buyer, your #1 mandatory read: Fiverr’s Terms of Service (you accepted them by signing up, after all, ya know).

You´ll mostly find them referred to as ToS or TOS here, the reason being that they have to be referred to in the forum incredibly often, because nobody read them. Nobody? Not quite! One small village inhabited by indomitable Gauls read them (P. S. That´s just a rumour, don´t believe everything you´re being told, either on the forum or elsewhere).

Anyway, they are important, trust me, breaking ToS, even ‘accidentally’, can get your account suspended, banned, sometimes with, sometimes without warning and ‘But I didn´t read the ToS!’ is no good or valid excuse, as most of you should know and the others know now.

So, just read them, I promise it won´t hurt as much as with other ToS, Fiverr did a great job of making them comparably short and easy to read and even in a big enough font that most of you won´t need to zoom.

Your next important read: the FAQ. Yeah! Right! There are FAQ which will tell you much if not everything about not just but also the technical workings of Fiverr, they are incredibly helpful and can and probably will save you a lot of time and dismay, if you take the time to read them, before you really get going. Yay!

FAQ (with submenu for Basic Buyer/Seller FAQ to save time, plus more extremely useful info)

Now, as you know that Fiverr page already, I´ll leave you to browse more of the links on the left sidebar there for more valuable information, or the Fiverr Academy or Blog
or to relax with fun or find Fiverr-useful enlightenment with further forum reading
or to post your very own forum thread here in New User Intros and say Hi!.

P. S. There are Forum Rules & Guidelines too, might save you future embarrassment. :wink:

One more thing, this forum is a userforum and totally useful, but ‘only’ sellers and buyers like you post here (yes, even the forum moderators are sellers/buyers and their posts, unless otherwise noted, express their own personal and not Fiverr’s official opinion).

The forum may or may not be monitored by Fiverr staff, but either way if you´re looking for someone ‘official’ or have an issue that´s impossible for ‘normal forum users’ to help you with > Customer Support.

Have a great time, do or get awesome Gigs and may the Force common sense and healthy scepticism and your enthusiasm be with you.


Sadly, another P. S. seems needed, so, if you were too lazy to follow above link to the Forum Rules, here one short but important quote:

Contacting other users, moderators/admins by private message/inbox is not absolutely disallowed, but unless invited it is considered a breach of etiquette to do so. In particular, do not contact other users to ask for sales, mentoring, profile or forum help, etc. We recommend that you contact other users only if they invite it and realize that the user may report you for spam. There are times that users may have good reason for making contact off-forum, just take extra-special care in doing so.

Fiverr levelup issue

I’d say "May common sense AND a little bit of the Force be with us."
We all need the Force, Well, at least I do! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Me too, I just hoped to escape any repercussions or having my Gig post deleted because The Force®™©℠ etc. probably. :wink:


Your post is the best starting point ever! Clear, concise, great entry points into the world of Fiverr (wish I had more hearts to give!), although the ones who will read it will probably be us, or most of us, who already know all that stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

All that stuff is awesomely helpful, but it’s not for the impatient ones, the greedy ones, the ones who hate reading “mumbo jumbo” and prefer doing (and maybe learning from their mistakes when it’ll be already too late haha).

But maybe, just maybe, if the mods would have a way to make this post a Sticky to poke new users in the eye whenever they enter the forum, that would make a slight difference… but in the meantime, we can start sharing a link to this post to every new user on the forum that needs help, which I’ve already started doing.



You´re most probably right with most or all of your points, carrying coals to Newcastle (or Eulen nach Athen, for German speaking users) doesn´t count though ;), since it´s here in New User Intros and indeed meant as a concise post for new people with hopefully all the most important things to start with, collected in one post, and where they might see it easily. The (now not anymore so) new forum is a pretty big place. Glad to see you read and liked it too, though! :slight_smile:

Probably the impatient ones will not read it, or not all of it, not so sure about the greedy ones already though haha, but anyhow, if it just helps a few nice new users to a better start and if it saves only one of them from learning from a really bad and irreversible mistake, it´s all fine. Learning by doing is a good thing, but learning by reading at least in the case of the ToS isn´t a bad idea either after all.

Plus, I´m a hopeless hoper. :wink:


Awesome! Eoin pinned your post, a small step for you, and hopefully a giant leap for new users :smiley: