Hello Musicians on Fiverr : I will draw your portrait with your instrument!


Hi there :slight_smile:

I just created my first fiverr account two days ago and I already received three messages!

I’m really excited to see what fiverr has in store for me :smiley:

So riding on this general upsurge of optimism, I created an illustration based gig where I draw portraits of musicians with their instruments…

I love music and I love drawing so I figured why not. :slight_smile: I’ve done several drawings of musician friends in the past as gifts, and was often told “people would pay money for these.” blush emoji

Check out the gig if you are interested! Here it is:


Also, if you could make suggestions just in general, that would be so appreciated.

Do you think the price is okay, and do you have seller tips for overseas shipments for paper illustrations?