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Hello my profile description automatically changed!


just now i saw it…my profile description language also changed…it think it s a another seller description…is there any one with same issue??? help me


Yes, happened to me aswell. I dont have a clue whats going on. We are not the only ones.
Contact support center and wait for their response.


Yes, my profile description was changed automatically as well.

I’ve contacted Fiverr Customer Support and I’m waiting for their response.


My description was not changed but my language was changed to Spanish. Though I have swapped it back to English.


My description also has changed. I corrected it few times, but again and again it is changing and the language too!!!


its changing again and again…now i have another description


it happen to me aswell I freaking out here! Am I getting hacked or something OMG!


Nothing seems to happen in Fiverr App. Try logging in from previous time it was not affected.


Happened to me as well. Was surprised to see that I speak Urdu :slight_smile:
Fiverr is most lively onto it and will be fixed soon.


I’ve try to change my password but failed, Am I getting hacked? what will happen to my earnings? hackers attacking fiverr? waiting for the fiverr support response.


it is happening to me too.


Actually “Hacked” is a pretty serious word, It more of a bug or probably a glitch.


Now my description is changed too as well.


It’s just happened to me now :open_mouth: My profile description says that I’m an SEO and I speak Hindi…


Same issue to me too… I thought I was hacked too Will the customer service restore ??


Mine as well - apparently I went from being an English speaking Voice Over Artist to a brand management expert who is fluent in Farsi - time to pull my funds out til they get this fixed.


I would change the password if I were you, just in case Fiverr really is getting hacked. I just changed my password.


Yes, mine as well. If i check from edit profile page then description is correct but when visit profile page, it showing different


Hello everyone! I experienced something of this nature sometimes last week but I got it corrected easy. Just clear your browser cookies and caches. After you might have done that,just relaunch from your browser and you’re good to go.
To your success
Mike Jane


OMG, I was so scared when I saw my profile description! I also became a brand management expert who speaks Farsi. So, what does it mean?