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Hello need help to increase my sell

I am now not getting much order so which way can I get minimum 2 gigs per day? If you have any special idea don’t forget to tel me.

Thanks for your pleased.

I think you need to not charge so much for your source file, that can turn many buyers away to have to pay an extra $10. Also, in your other extras, it says a Vector or PSD file is $5, but a PSD is a source file, so why is that source file cheaper?

The other thing is you may want to change your 1st 3 photos, they are all not real logos for any real company.

You can follow the advice of @sincere18
I am also advice you to do use fiverr name in your logo and business card…

Reply to @sincere18: Need to add real company or real logo for my gig?
Thanks for your advice

Reply to @mdtorab: What I mean is that your first three pictures just say a Fiverr, they are not samples of real work you did for anyone, but logos that you made up just for Fiverr. Your other samples do not really look like that. Did you make those yourself? If you did why not just change it to a fake company name so it looks more real, not just a template or something.

It’s just one idea, I do not know if that is the only reason, it is just one thing I noticed.