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Hello New Cartoonist here


Hello i´m a new freelancer i specialize on cartoons, i haven´t got many sells so far i was wandering if you could help me please :smiley:


Unfortunately, we cannot help you “get more sells”. You will have to be responsible for your own success. We cannot do your work for you.

Are you doing any marketing or promotion for your gigs?


i didn´t mean to sound like i was asking for anyone to “do my job” i was wandering if any more experienced freelancers could give me some pointers on how to improve my sales, i have been doing promotion for my gigs using my social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and also i have started my own webpage and youtube channel, right now i´m editing a promotional video for my gigs (i have read on this forum that is a great way to promote your gigs) i do not have many friends that speak english, because i live in latin america.


i apreciate your comment :smiley:



I think you’ll do well. There are a lot of great cartoonists here, but many have gotten expensive, so there is an opening for you. Some ideas:

Put your absolute best work up as your gig image. You current gig images are cartoons with no backgrounds.

You have a left-wing political thing going. Perhaps you can run with that, creating an “I will draw a progressive political cartoon” gig. Come up with a killer rendition of Trump. (If it works, a “I will draw a conservative political cartoon” will double your sales.)

Best of success to you, Luis. :slight_smile:


wow, thanks a lot for this comment i will get to it right away. i really apreciate your comment thanks again :smiley:


i´m curious, why would a gig about conservative cartoons double my sales?


Half the people are liberal, half are conservative. Making fun of Democrats, too, would possibly increase your market size.