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Hello! New Fiverr freelance designer here; it's great to meet you!

Hi everyone! I’m Tay, a freelance visual development artist specializing in character design! I’m really excited to start my journey here on Fiverr!

How are you all doing tonight?


Hey welcome to the Fiverr community! A warm welcome to you. Hope you may progress and earn good here! I’m already loving your work displayed in your gig images. Although it’s basic but the work is lovely.

Just reviewed your profile and see the gig you have created. There are a few tips that I can suggest you so you can get started asap.

1. First of all, I’ll also suggest you to redesign the gig image that will help you to attract visitors in the search. Right now the character design image has a dark background with characters on it. Characters are dull, mixed up in the background although they should be prominent. Change the background color to some lighter color and try out making something different in your gig image as of course you are a designer. Make sure it’s something that stands out in the search.

2. Secondly the gig description, it’s good that you have used points, not a long description as clients usually never read long description and pointers are best to explain the services you provide. That is good to go!

3. Add more gigs offering different service of yours as you can add upto 7 gigs as a new seller. That will help you get more diversified clients.

4. I see in your profile you have mentioned only English languages which will not help you get much clients. Add other languages like French, German, Spanish etc. People with other languages will contact you and you can communicate with them using google translator.

Hope you start getting your orders soon!
Thanks a lot


Hi, Sam! Thank you for the great advice! I’ll definitely reformat my gig image, that’s a really good point! Have a great evening!

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No issues! You too, have a great evening! :slight_smile:

Welcome to Fiverr. Wish you all the best.

Welcome to the community keep going