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Hello, New GIS/Python expert here

Hello, I am having more than 5 years of experience in the field of GIS and python. I like challenges so I always learn new things to try myself. I can create maps, do data analysis. I can also write a custom script to automate your system or for data analysis etc. All the codes are well commented and the changes can be done with ease as I declare variable in the beginning. Apart from this I can make excel macros also known as vba macros, hyrological models in MIKE(DHI Denmark Software set) or HEC(Hydrologic Engineering Corps- US army Software set). My skillset includes:
-Excel VBA macros
-GIS Data Analysis
-Map Making
-Digitization/Vectorization of Image files
-Weather data (historical/Real Time/ Forecasted)
-Land Use/ Land Cover data
-Hydrological Model
-Data Entry

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