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Hello new member suport me plz

support me plz


Wish you Best of Luck.



Gig tittle is so bad?
At least you add " Logo Design" on your tittle…,
Profiles and Gig Description is low…,
and you should build your prtfolio better…,

no FAQS?

You should see your competitor and learn from their gigs

Based on what i see right now…, you will have a hard time attracting a buyer…,

Wish you luck,


I pretty much agree with everything ridwansugi mentioned above.

How can people tell what you offer, if the gig title doesn’t say anything?
Your description is very short and rather sloppy and is filled with grammar errors.
Now if your designs are good sometimes people can get away with having errors in their
descriptions, but even your samples are far from being impressive. (Sorry to sound harsh)

You really need to take a look at other people’s successful gigs and compare them
with yours.


thanx for advices i will repair