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Hello! New pixel artist here

Hi, I opened up my first gig a couple days ago. First time doing any form of freelancing, hoping to get the ball rolling!


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Welcome. I have just visited your profile and here are some things you need to work on.

  1. You need to improve your gig description. Write about your experience and why should they hire you because there are already so many pixel artists here. Add some FAQ questions.
    2.Add some more images for your portfolio.
  2. Create few more gigs as this will improve your chance of visibility in Fiverr search result but those gigs should be around same category.
  3. If possible, create a gig video where you introduce yourself and your service.

There are lots of resources you will find here on this forum to improve your gig. Best of Luck.

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Wish you All the best :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

hi cannnon

congratulation you? fiverr is a freelancing best marketplace. do you try it marketplace you hape batter work ?
thank you ?