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Hello, new seller here introduction

I am Abdur Rahim from Bangladesh.
I am a front-end developer. I know Fiverr the best marketplace.
From here I want to make a good income. You will advise me from different angles.
To visit my best seller gig.

if you don’t mind, you can check out my gig.


Best of luck

Stay more active online

Thank you Bro :heartbeat:

Just a few issues I noticed that might attract scammers, avoid saying 100% satisfaction, unlimited revisions, cheap gig, etc. It may seem to attract more customers, but it’s better to have one legitimate client who will likely be a returning buyer than five scammers/hard-to-deal with clients.
As a tip, there is a lot of good advice on this forum; be sure to check out the posts on here!

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Thank you so much :heartbeat:

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