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Hello. New seller, not so new member here. :)

Hi, people of Fiverr!

I’m Nayru, I live in a small country called Slovakia and two days ago I revived my account because I decided to land some new gigs. I do tech support based on my personal experiences with home computers and concept art. Today I sent two offers, so I’m hoping they’ll be successful.

I also have a DeviantArt account if anyone is interested to see my portfolio: link

Thanks for reading this and…let’s hope I’ll be successful. :slight_smile:


Good luck, greetings from Portugal!


Hey man, thank you! I’ll need it. :slight_smile:

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Hello, I too am a new seller. I am based in the US.


Hello Nayru,

Welcome back to the Fiverr! I am sure you will have much different experience from your past. I checked your portfolio. Your paintings and designs are really marvellous. I wish i could be a good painter like you :stuck_out_tongue: . Hope you succed here! :slight_smile:


The good news if you cannot paint like @nayruchan00, you can purchase one of her gigs and own her art. :art:


@moonstar161 @vickiespencer Aww, thank you, it really means a lot :star_struck:

Welcome to Fiverr…! Greetings from PK

Thank you @razanoor !

Most welcome @nayruchan00 ! :black_joker:

I have not order,why? Plz help me

Good luck & welcome to fiverr forum

Ton of tips include threads in fiverr forum
Read it “Tips for sellers” category

Promote your gig, make it look good and orders will come by themselves (I’m currently doing my first order). And when you get one, make sure to do a damn good job. @proeye

Thank you! @djwaruna