Hello! New to Fiverr. Please critique my gig page!


Hi everyone! Newbie here. I’ve just created a new gig. If someone would be so kind enough to give feedback on my gig page, I would really appreciate it!
It’s here: [link removed for being outside of My Fiverr Gigs]

Go here instead: New to Fiverr! I will be your copy editor and English tutor!


Will be helpful if you use paragraphs, bulleted list, perhaps some bold, italic, highlighted txt, etc.

This line would read better as: “If you would be so kind as to offer some feedback on my gig, I would really appreciate it!”

Need to choose between “so kind” and “kind enough” they shouldn’t be combined.

Make sure to read up on this forum, you can learn a lot here.

Good luck!


Amazing advice, David! Thanks a lot!