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Hello! Newby here

Hi! i am a new seller on Fiverr, Kind of understanding how it works but oh my there is so much competition! Does anyone have any tips, they will be much appreciated!

Mwah, morgan xox

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You expected there not to be any competition here – on one of the largest freelance sites on planet Earth? :roll_eyes:

Have you read the forum yet? There are millions of great tips that have already been shared. If you wish to be successful on this site, I recommend you start by doing some research. It is YOUR responsibility to know and understand how this site works. You can start by reading these forums, as well as reading the Fiverr TOS, Blog, and Help & Education pages, found at the bottom of any Fiverr site page.


Just Use it With Confident


I’m from Mars :alien: :sweat_smile:


:alien: Thankyou for your replies, i will be sure to read through the forum before posting!

but… ive never heard of this site nor has anyone i know, google brought me this way and it seems pretty damn good!

You should active at forum
Update your gig after a week
Keep online 24/7 by mobile app

@morganfreya (morgan xox)

This is a very important factor in Fiverr. You should take that in consideration.

i will definitely try this out.

Hey! Newbie on Fiverr!!!

Thanks so much!!! Really appreciate.

How that is possible wont you sleep for few hours?

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I think what he means is to keep yourself updated most of the time…
Beauty sleep is important, they say…


I sleep but my mobile does’t. Purpose is to keep updated of client’s messages.

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Welcome to Fiverr. :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face: Keep patience and hard working. I hope you will be successful.
If you need any tips just use forum search form and type exactly what do you need. I hope you will find one more helpful tips.
Wish you good luck…!!