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Hello, Newcomer guide me :)

Hey… I m new seller , joined today and i don’t know how to get first order ?
help me please …:slightly_smiling_face:
its a bit confusing as of now.:thinking:

Here is my gig link

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Well just check out these links first:

Online Freelancing Essentials: Be a Successful Fiverr Seller

Click here to see how to try to get your first order on fiverr.

This bunch of articles: for a lot of tips and how to get orders.

Hope i was helpful :slight_smile:


Thank you for sharing this, :slightly_smiling_face: don’t mind me just a fact but it did not helped in any way (atleast to me) instead it created more of confusion on how to improve. you see a beginner will get more confused after reading this because it mostly pops out what you have done wrong and not how one can improve or steps to improve. One can show innovative methods only after some kind of experience. The begginers might have tried all basic procedure shown so something more would always be useful. it just me being always doubtful :thinking: and thoughtful too .Thank you for sharing though:smiley:

The articles geceli posted are fundamental. As a beginner, you should read them (and more) to get orders.
In fact, your question has been asked many times. Use the Search function at the top of forum and you can find what is helpful there.

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Welcome to the fiverr, You have to follow those link carefully from @geceli everything was written step by step.


Sorry, As i had mentioned on my main post Fiverr is bit confusing so, I got confused with those 3 links because whenever i tried to open those links again and again same article use to pop out and that article had nothing much apart from “what is wrong with your gig”,Thats why i wrote what i thought.
Anyways I have been making gigs from yesterday i have updated my new gig on above post. this looks satisfactory at least to me…I hope for good result :slightly_smiling_face:

thank you, yes i went through again:slightly_smiling_face: