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Hello, part-time anime/manga style illustrator here

I hope…this is okay.

Hello! I go by “Clae” in Internet space. I am actually an engineering graduate student/junior researcher in my home country, but I also draw in my spare time. I draw both digitally and traditionally in anime/manga style. I haven’t really worked on anything commercial, though I have contributed for a few charity zines.

I only have one gig open right now due to my school work, but I’d like to open more in the future once things are sorted out.

Looking forward to work with everyone. :grinning:


May you have a bright :sun_with_face: future on Fiverr!


Welcome to Fiverr. Please enjoy your first steps in business and try to learn a lot about the marketplace. Do not hesitate to ask in the forum when you have doubts, and always try to be a professional, even if you are just in your first steps of your entrepeneurship.

Good luck!

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Welcome. I wish you will get your desired success from here.

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you Welcome to the fiverr forum
best wishes

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Thank you everyone! I will do my best. :grinning:

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I couldn’t find your gig, but manga/anime drawings are high in demand, so i suggesst that you invest more time into it.

Welcome, Clae! Hope you enjoy your stay here!

I love anime so much but don’t have any gigs related to it.