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Hello, Please check out my gigs here!


I am new on Fiverr just started using Fiverr since 10 days. I just realised that, I know some kinda designing work and have some other good skills, so why don’t I utilize those? so, decied to work on Fiverr and met with a good success! just completed 4 orders in 10 days. I think its a good start, what do you all say about my start?

Below are the some gigs in which I got orders and satisfied the customers, got 5 stars positive reviews.

Flat/minimal logo designing.


Any suggestions for my gigs will be very much appreciated!


As I am not that much senior, but in my experience I will suggest you 2 things:

  1. Less Pricing and Less delivery time (i-e 24hours)
  2. Always check Buyer requests portion and respond to them. (You get 10 offers to send, daily)

I will suggest you to use all your 10 offer chances daily and try to convince the buyer very attractively.


Yes dear, buyer request gets awared to the seller in just few seconds or minutes. so you’ve to check more and more that you can.
And about your pricing for a startup you should add only 1 package starting from 5$ and include all the services.