Hello please give me some tips to sell my services on fiverr


i am professional graphics designer , i want to sell graphics design services on fiverr so please suggest me some tips and offers to make first sale on fiverr

here is my gig

thank you


Welcome to Fiverr. Read the forum for tips and there is lots of information in the Fiverr Academy. Also you need to be patient. Some new sellers take months to get their first order. Best wishes for your success! :slight_smile:


Welcome to Fiverr, you need to exercise patient and work more on your GIG


thanks and have a great day


Hi Alex!

I have just a few tips:

I think you should to specifycate everything, so people can’t get loss in your gig for example: write something like “the basic pack is for 2 simple logos witch you can see in my first image”

Write in the description things you won’t do

And finally write some things about you on the description, so people can know what you want to so for them.


thanks and have a great day


You might want to have someone on Fiverr write you a description for your gig to make it more appealing.
That’s what I did and shortly afterwards got my first sale.


Hello Bro first of all Welcome to Fiverr and fiverr community:slight_smile:
I suggest you read this fiverr forum topic How To Get Your First Order - FAST!
It will help you to get your first order on fiverr
Hope it will help you
Cheers :slight_smile:


I’m here for only an hour or so, but I suppose don’t make the gig too confusing. Keep the specifications clear and precise.


ok thanks and have a great day


Well, for starters, try again with some honesty. Your profile pic doesn’t even show you.


I’m commenting here thinking that these Tips will help you to improve your sales at least for an extent.

Create gig packages. Invite your friends and promote/share your gigs on social media. Try to always provide BEST customer service to your buyers. Never delay your orders.

Submit many buyer requests. So you could build up your sales. Therefore, try to submit buyer requests.

Also you can improve your Gig images, descriptions. If it’s possible, add a video which will attract more attention towards your gig.

Try these points & be patient. There are many sellers on fiverr that didn’t receive orders at the beginning but later they become best sellers.
Fiverr is great place to work! Wish you all the best!


Thanks to all for sharing such a great information