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Hello please help me I had a problem with my gigg

Please help me how can i go about negative feedback or review,I had two due to an issue with the buyer,is there a way I could change that

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No you can’t change it.
Your best bet is to reply under bad review and explain the situation from your point of view.

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I went ahead and read the two negative reviews, since there are always 2 sides to each
story there is no way to tell what really happened, but I have to say those 2 comments are pretty damaging. You’ll need to do a very good job with leaving your own comment and explaining the situation in a professional manner.


the problem is most times buyers review can’t be seen until the seller typed his own review,seriously am really pained right now and absolutely down,I never did anything I swear to God,and the painful part was even my last job, fiver credited the money giving room for the buyer to enter a review,then aftercancelled the order,credited him back his money but the review is still there,this is frustrating

By the way, be careful, do not ask the buyer to change or remove the reviews. Do not even ask Fiverr CS to do so. You might get a warning for that.