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Hello ! Please help me with withdrawing funds!


Hello dear freelancers !
Okay so I got 36 $ dollars in my account balance and I want to withdraw them because of various reasons. I wanted to transfer to my bank account with the Bank Transfer option ( I am from Romania by the way), redirected me to set up a Payoneer account and tells me that all the funds I will get from Fiverr above 50$ will be redirected to my bank account.
Is there any way to get the money to my bank account ?

Edit: Does setting up Payoneer take some funds ? I used to have 13$ in my account and now I have only 9 ??? What ?


At least yours is just $50, for Payoneer to redirect to my bank account I need to have $1k. So you have to wait till you reach $50.


Jeeesus… whatt? 1.000 $ ? Okay that is really strange… so I guess there isn’t another way …:frowning:


Same here… I have the same problem and I don`t know what to do.
It is not cool to wait till I reach 1.000$ and then take my money. It will take like forever:confused::frowning_face: