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Hello...please help me

My Gigs is showing paused by Fivver…how can i activate it again?


Have you already checked to make sure it doesn’t need any modification? Have you answered the W-9 question? Does the dropdown show the unpause option at all?

Hi! I can’t send a custom offer to a client, the offer doesn’t show in the message. Could this be a general Fiverr bug?

Just click on the box on the left side and click on the activate on the right above side.

I think it is a bug - I can’t send offers to any of my clients, and the one I’m talking to is reporting that he can’t buy off of my gig page either…this is a big problem.

Yes, it’s a bug. I’m facing as well.

Just received an order working fine for. Is the Fiverr plugin again going down smile: Fiverr should higher a developer from Fiverr. :smile: