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Hello! Sir/Madam, How are You? I'm new here. There have any problem on my Gig's? Please! Help!



Please be more specific. Why do you think there’s a problem with your gigs?


Your gig images look fantastic, especially the eyeglass reflection gig, the one with the bottle, and the photoshop editing gig.

You’re in some incredibly crowded categories with no reviews yet. I don’t really know how you’re ever going to get out of the gate unless you can find a less crowded niche. What’s more, Fiverr is really crushing $5 gigs in the search results, but in the low-price space you’re competing in, I don’t see how you can up your price.

If you look at the requirements to achieve different levels now, it appears that Fiverr would like to see a $200 average transaction price. (I know this is mostly speculation.) If you can get there, you’re treated like royalty in the search (from my own experience). So here is your impossible mission: Dream up something to offer, that you know how to do, that a western business owner is willing to pay $200 for. I know that’s not much help (because who knows what that is) but it really is the key to making this thing work.


Why is it so difficult to write your own gig description and put up your own work :disappointed:


On my adobe experience i can edit any kind of image with perfection in photoshop, but still there have no order. i’m confused :slightly_frowning_face:


Perhaps there are too many sellers offering this service, and not enough people interested in it. Just because you have a gig on Fiverr does not guarantee that that gig will earn sales.


How many days have you spent on this platform? Don’t worry, you only need to be persistent in sending buyer request and also patient and prayerful. I spent almost 10 days before making my first sale.