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Hello team, I am new here

I am new here, can anyone tell or help me on how to rank my gig? Thank you in anticipation


You should remove the unlimited revision. Fiverr takes it literally. This means that a Buyer could ask for revisions for years and you wouldn’t get paid more. You’d have to cancel the order or keep working indefinitely because CS wouldn’t help you. It better to offer a limited amount of revisions and leave it to your discretion to do more if the requests seems reasonable.


@zreine Okay.
Thanks for the response, I really appreciate it.
If you have any other suggestions, I will appreciate it more

Welcome to the community!
I am new here too…

You welcome we newbies :laughing:

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Welcome , baest of luck…

Hi, Welcome to the community! God Bless You.

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Welcome here :heart_eyes:

welcome, Have a successful journey in fiverr

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Welcome to Fiverr Community!

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Hello welcome to Fiverr community

Thank you

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Thank you

Hi, I hope are you healthy And welcome to the forum site

@ashrafsadin Yes am fine and am glad am here withe great people

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Yeah, it’s an awesome platform for spending times Also It’s an experience sharing platform

@ashrafsadin that’s cool and I will like to learn from the experience of a leaders like you :smile:

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I admire it , best of luck

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Hellow welcome to Fiverr Market.

welcome to Fiverr Family.