Hello there,"buyer request"


Hello there,
I’ve been really struggling to find buyers from the “buyer request” section even though I always use my 10 offers every single day. I don’t even get response from the people there, and sometimes I’m the first one to post an offer to someone’s request but still they don’t response. What should I do!?


If you are first one to post offer doesn’t promise you the sale unfortunately, But you can try for other promotion ways like sharing your gig where people need your services, I personally don’t like buyer request section, Since the day i received a profile link of a seller in description document


The buyers request section helps at times especially when sales are not coming forth…
But the problem about the section is that it’s always challenging in terms of competition and difficulties in solving the requests…
And most buyers take this section as an opportunity to get Thier work done at the lowest price.


Perhaps, you were not convincing enough when posting an offer. Try to explain what you can do for the buyers in detail.


I agree with @ojotemmy002. Keep trying. All the best!


What are you sending out? Copy the last offer your made with the request