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Hello there client don't want to the work what I did

Client don’t want the work what I did for him. But I said I spend time and worked on it. So ask him to give me few amount for my time and effort. And told him to contact with support for this reason my account will harm or not?

Please help me about this situation

Hello, you do great work. He owes you the money for your work. Tell him you will not cancel the order.

He did place an order for the work? If so say to him,
“Since I did the job as I said I would I expect to be paid for it. So I will not cancel this order.”

You can send a message to support about this with the order number. Tell them you do not want to cancel the order. Tell them you did the work perfectly.

If the buyer tried to cancel say no you will not. You deserve to be paid.

If you do have a cancellation it will not harm your account unless you have other ones which will put your cancellations at 90% as shown on your analytics page.


Here client send this screenshot to the support and I did send also this to support team. Is there will be any problem?

Yes there is a problem. Customer support can’t give you $30 or any amount from his recent order.

You have to have an order from him for anything he needs to pay you. Customer support does not pay you.

If he ordered and this is from that order then that is what he paid you. Don’t try to send him less and especially realize customer support can’t send you a certain amount from his order. Just accept whatever he paid you.

Deliver the order as you agreed to in your description. If that changed for some reason that’s ok you still get paid what the order showed. It still should be basically what you said you would do in your gig description.

If you already delivered it and he said he doesn’t want it that’s a shame but he got it anyway and has to pay for it for whatever the order was for.

Deliver whatever it was he said he does not want as that is what he ordered and paid for. Then if you want to do more free work for him that’s up to you but really, he should place another order if he wants something else.

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