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Hello there i am fahim facing a problem on fiverr

Over the last seven days, the impressions on my Fiverr account have been decreasing and the number of clicks is 0. How can I increase the click impressions?Is there any problem with Fiverr account when doing email marketing since I opened Fiverr account with Gmail?


I have noticed a huge increase in the number of posts that start with the words, “I am new to Fiverr…” There is a great deal of interest in this freelancing platform from all over the world. It seems to attract dozens of new members every hour or two. This will have a negative impact on your Gig impressions and clicks simply due to the math.


hello @fahimbhai3280
for increasing impression you can share your gig in social media
hope you will see the positive result


thank you for your suggession

Always try to stay active on fiverr and also share your gigs on social media

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yes i always try to do this thank you for your reply

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for increasing impression and orders you should do a strong gig marketing on social media with some trendy hashtag, with your gig link and gig image.

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marketing is key guess! we all new and just share the gigs into socials all the best to you and me too !

thank you so much for your advice happy freelancing