Hello there, i need your help please, i'm new


I’m a web designer and programmer, i don’t want to be rude but, so many sites that i’ve seen, they are like pretty normals for me and i don’t know how they can have a lot of visitors and i don’t get one single visit. this is my GIG


i want someone to tell me what am i doing wrong, i am a programmer with over 5+ years experiences in java, web desginer (XML,XHTML,HTML5,CSS3,BOOTSTRAP,JQUERYS,JAVASCRIPT) and PYTHON, MySQL, MySQL PL, and so many things.

¿Am i doing wrong in the gig? because i wrote all i guess i know about webs, i have done so many webs for Enterprises, someone tell me what am i doing wrong.

I got my account disabled

You have to send offers to buyers request. You are new as I can see, it will take a little time to have visits or orders.


Interesting, how can i see buyers? because i only see post about people offering their service


Just refresh the buyer requests page occasionally - there should be some actual requests shown sometimes. Though the amount of requests shown depends on the level etc.

Also, for your gig, I’d check it for any spelling/grammar issues. Also, maybe use a clearer gig image (the current one looks a bit fuzzy/compressed/pixelated edit: I’m just talking about the image that says "responsive web design"). I’m not sure when you say "After delivery will be support for long time " whether that could be against the terms of service if that is assumed to mean >30 days and is a service that is extending beyond that. Maybe have packages for websites with a different number of pages or different levels of complexity.


i got like 15 web pages, i cant upload them, so i just take a screenshoot, but is interesting what are you saying about delivery, is because i’m a new seller, i just want to offer support for a long time if the buyer has any issues. i can change the pictures just for an image that says “web designer and stuff”. but thank you for this advice.


i got like 15 web pages, i cant upload them

I meant you could have different packages in the gig for the creation of websites that will have different numbers of pages. eg. a website with 5 pages for $10, 10 pages for $20, 50 pages for …


ah i know that, but i was saying that i’m new seller, i have to offer something different more complete, that’s why i post that i offer all my services for 20$ responsive design, and whe i finish i deliver the code, but is that’s wrong, i can modify that.


No, it’s not wrong, it’s just that your gig page says “10 pages”, having a package with more than that could mean you could get orders from customers who want websites with >10 pages.


thank you very much i didnt know that i will modify this.