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Hello there, i'm a new user and i have built up my profile but still NO ORDERS yet!

Hello there, introduce my self …
Firstly i’m a new user here since 4/5 days as i remember and i want to share with you my new gigs, and i want to tell you guys that i work really hard to create my gigs in the appropriate form and i hope to get my first order soon :hearts:

and i really need your feedback for my works to improve my self as possible …
so please check my gigs from here :
My Profile

and here they are some photos from my works :
i hope you like it

converting photos to pencil drawing

convert photos to oil painting sketch

making text portrait effect

creating versatile logo with different styles

creating signature logo

background removal

i have finished
Thanks in advance


If you want help with your gigs, please post them unter the category, “Improve my Gig.” The new introduction categrory is not for requesting help to improve your gigs.

Good luck with your Fiverr business.

Mod Note: Category edited to give OP info about Improve my Gig.


Do not worry , i also have no customer as you 555

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i wish good luck for you :two_hearts:

welcome to fiverr :heart_eyes::open_umbrella:
wish you all the best

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i wish good luck for you too :two_hearts:

wow ! your craft is amazing. Keep up the good worl ! :slight_smile:

After long time I’m back
Please help me

I am new here too Please check my profile

I wish you good luck…


Oh my _________________.

okidoki. Back to work.

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