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Hello there, I'm new!


Hi everybody ,I’m new here :slight_smile:

I make 3d models and texture them, I hope to meet new people ,make friends and have fun.

here’s my gig if you’re interested


Stay on fiverr :slight_smile: keep struggle,Never lose hope ,hope one day you ll be Super seller .


Welcome @zakiller!
I find your gig interesting but would love to see more examples of what you do.
Consider making a video showing different examples of your work. A good video with examples and maybe a little text in the video explaining what the image is/is for would make your gig look a lot more attractive. Also consider a little more text in your description, maybe explain what 3D renders are, what they are used for etc.
Bookmarked your gig for the future.
Good luck


keep the hustle, your gig is OK


Seeing Mr. Edward Snowden here always cracks me up :sweat_smile:


GoodLuck Mate


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Maybe try record video to your gig. This may have huge impact in sales. Also type as many tags as you can (check which tags have best sellers in your category, and just copy them). More details in description will be another good step to make your gig popular. Good luck my friend! Hope you will get some sales.


Thanks so much for your words , I hope you to get a lot of requests as well :smile:


Thank you for your words ,I appretiate them =)

I’ll add more details in the description and maybe tweak some other stuff ,I’ll work on a video as soon as I finish exams.

thanks for the bookmark!


I’ll keep adding stuff to it ,thanks :slight_smile:


hey , thanks bud :> :+1:


thanks for the tips ,I’ll think of more tags to add for sure I only have 3 atm :sweat_smile:

I’ll try to make a video aswell after my exams, cheers!


Hi there and welcome! Don’t quit once you start generating orders and reviews, you have to keep the momentum going! I stopped fiverr for nearly two years and it cost me big time. I considered myself an early adapter and made a decent penny. Now I wish I didn’t stop and with the time away from the platform hurt my rep because it’s over-saturated with sellers. - Good Luck!


Thanks and I’m really sorry to hear that ,I hope your gig gets back better :slight_smile: