Hello there! Name's Massimo, new to Fiverr!


Hi! I’ve joined Fiverr about two or three weeks ago, but I’ve only noticed the whole forum system now, somehow.

I’m an 18 years old guy from Italy; I mostly offer translation gigs as I’m currently studying Brokerage and Translatology in Naples. I must admit that not only I am new to sites such as Fiverr, but to forums aswell.
I’m very positive about this, I still haven’t received any order despite I’ve tried adding as much information as I could to my gigs and profile, but I can easily see how not everyone could be interested or need Italian translations.

I’m just going to keep waitin’ and hopin’: thanks for your time, and have a great experience!


Hay @massimofavero Welcome to Fiverr.!! Don’t lose your hope. Keep promote your gig on social media site. I hope you will get sales.