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Hello There! Need to Improve my gig

Can you please have a look at my profile and gigs and please let me know if there is any that is anything that needs improvisation or need to change…


Perfect gig title, gig image, description and all time active then get order.


Hey, just reviewed your profile and see the gig you have created. There are a few tips that I can suggest you so you can get started asap.

1. First of all, I’ll also suggest you to redesign the gig image to something better that will help you to attract visitors in the search. Make sure it’s something that stands out in the search. Right now the quality of your gig images is not really attractive or something that will stand out.

2. Secondly I see in your profile you have mentioned Arabic and Bengali languages which will not help you get clients as there are very few or even no buyers of that languages. Remove them and add other languages like Spanish, German etc. People with other languages will contact you and you can communicate with them using google translator.

That’s pretty much of it. Hope you get orders soon after making these changes.
Let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks a lot


Thank You so much for giving me the right direction. :revolving_hearts:

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No issues at all. Let me know if you have any further questions. Would love to help you out!

Thanks a lot!


Can I talk to you in the inbox.

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Hey, you may continue the talk here if comfortable so people can read out our conversation that can be helpful to them. I’m not sure if inbox is the right place where we can contact each other.


Yeah ! Of course
At first my gig impression was 750-800 but for afew days my gig impression is just descreasing, now it is 450-500 impressions and clicks do not increase! If I edit my gig,will there be any problem in ranking the in future?

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This is a Good one Idea to get clients… :slight_smile:

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Until your gig achieving the fist order you can edit your gig with strong keywords. No problem.

As I am review you profile, here you mention on your certification, you are expertise on “Full-Stack Developer”, “WordPress Security” & “Search Engine Optimizer (SEO)”. why you open the Only “web development” service on your 7 gigs? you can also open different service for getting more category buyer.

Hope you understand… :slight_smile:

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Thank You So Much Bro!

Your are most welcome… :slight_smile:

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I absolutely do NOT recommend you put languages you do not speak in your profile - that’s a flat-out lie and it won’t help you at all, may even end up hurting you if Fiverr finds out. Google translate is not infallible, and it makes you look extremely unprofessional if you paste in a big block of text that isn’t properly written or has poor verb conjugation.

You have some duplicate text in your gig and bio, which is hurting you from an SEO standpoint. It’s not as bad as others I’ve seen, but you should still write completely original content for your own descriptions.

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Thank you for pointing out my mistake.I always try to learn form mistakes.

Well, as you have asked Editing a Gig can have positive impact as well as negative impact on the placing of gig. You gig might go up or down in the search as it’s not sure.

However sharing the gig out of fiverr is suggested. If you bring in more clients from outside of fiverr, gig will surely rank on fiverr as well. Pinterest has given me good response. Try sharing gig link on Pinterest everyday, that might help you.


what kind of different services can u give some examples?

Can you please name the tools that you use to check??

you did a good job your gig is very well decorated

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research on fiverr category. there are lots of category. which one is match with your skill, u can make the gig accordingly…