Hello there, new here and may need help?


Hellos there, I decided to join Fiverr, though I’m sort of already regretting it?

I signed up, oping to gain enough money to at least make a convention his year. But I’m rather unsure what I’m doing will attract anyone to me. I just kind of want to talk about creative ideas and what might drive a person farther into their own stories. Does that sound like something anyone is interested in? A creative writing consultant?


Welcome to Fiverr!
I feel like you’d have to be a little more specific first? If you can’t decide exactly what services you’re offering, you probably won’t be able to sell customers on what you’re doing. Having a clear idea of what you bring to the table with your gig is crucial. If you can’t voice it in a convincing way, it’s not going to sound convincing to anyone else either.


I basically want to to talk to people about their ideas for stories or novels, and what makes up said stories or novels. That’s about as simple as I can put it.


It sounds interesting, but I don’t know if that’s super marketable unless you have some kind of exceptional experience in publishing/writing.
You could say that you offer critique, maybe?


I would’t say that, since it’s not constructive criticism. I don’t even need a piece to work I’d just like to help someone out their ideas, and help them further. Help them discover what they want from the story.


Hmm, that’s true. It’s not quite criticism. Again, though, I feel it’s kind of difficult to find customers who are coming on here looking for that? Most people are either here for editing or writing, both of which are more quantifiable. Aside from people looking for beta readers, of course, but you’d have to actually read/edit a story for that as well.
It’s not that it’s a bad idea, I’m just a little concerned about its viability on a platform like Fiverr, where people are usually looking for something very specific and well-established.
I’m not sure though. Anyone else in the forum with input?


I’m struggling with this one. I get what you’ve said and I agree with it. I feel like there should be more to add, but I haven’t got anything yet! Tough skill to market.


Yeah, exactly! I feel like if you could give a bullet point list of ways you could help people develop/improve their stories, and it looked convincing enough, you might be able to do it?


Okays, I’ll see if I can put it in a bullet form. An easy quantifiable list.

I’m also thinking of adding in other skills. I’ve done article and content writing before. So I may add that as well.


Yep! I think that would be great. If you were able to gain clients through the other two, you might be able to also direct them to your idea-generating/helping service for future projects. Of course, it’d be even better if you also had a gig to do with creative writing so consultation would be an obvious next step :wink:


You already asked this question in your own forum topic. You do not need to hijack other people’s forum topics in order to get attention.


Hi buddy
You can use Buyers section Its good to start from there,


thank you sir:grinning: