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Hello there! New seller in Fiverr


Hello everybody!

I’m a new seller on Fiverr, my name is Sergio but you can call me Chechu. I’m an illustrator and a graphic designer and besides offering my services, I hope to meet people from around the world and improve my work.




Welcome to fiverr community and very best wishes for your success check this will helps: Good Luck


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Thank you so much to welcome me and for the link to the tips!


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Welcome to the forum. Enjoy! :slightly_smiling_face:


You are welcome to the Fiverr Forum
best wishes


Hello Chechu,
Welcome to Fiverr!


Hey there! Welcome to Fiverr! Good luck in your new business pursuits.


Welcome to the Fiverr forum Chechu! I wish you the best in your career pursuits!


Welcome to the Fiverr forum


welcome to Fiverr and also best luck for your future
but keep one think your mind

  1. You can not send work offers that you can not do
    2.Do not be disappointed if you do not get work
    3.Increase your skills day by day and enrich the work portfolios:grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:
    happy Fiverring


Thank you all for your welcome!!


Thank you so much for your advices! They’re very useful.


Hey there chechu, I’m new here as well. Best of luck in your gigs and I hope that you find success in the foreseeable future. Happy Fiverring!


Thank you so much and happy Fiverring too!


Welcome to Fiverr hope you have success, best wishes.