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Hello 😎 ! this is my first gig. tell me something about my gig because your advice is important to me


Hi There!
This is Mamunur Rashid. I’m a Graphic Designer. I have made a Gig and it is my first gig. I want to get your attention. Please, tell me something about this gig. What should I do to more improve. I’ll be grateful to you.

My Gig:

Best Regard,
Mamunur Rashid


Welcome to fiverr check this it will helps


Thanks. See my gig and tell me something please.


You need to remove the unapproved link from your gig description.

Here is a list of approved links:
Scroll to the bottom.


It was a flickr link which is allowed here. But please tell me, is It a problem to give a short link?


Shortened links are not allowed.


Welcome to Fiverr, the Biggest Market Place. To get projects fast, share your gig to Social Media & Try offering to Buyers Request :slight_smile:


Oh, I didn’t know. But It gives me a pleasure you have indicated an important matter which was totally unknown to me. Thank you very much. @lloydsolutions :star_struck:


Thanks for Informative replying. :sunflower:


Very interested! When I post from my Fiverr account on social media does it go straight to Fiverr Facebook page or my personal Facebook page? Let me know what happens as I would like to have options to post to business groups. Thank you.


Your gig is fully meaningful and good … Best of luck.


thanks a lot for visiting my gig. @designer_banner :grinning:
Thanks for your comment.