Hello to all Fiverr freelancers from an Audio Engineer


Just a quick message to say hi. I’ve been on the site since Augusts and lurking on the forums on and off for a couple of months.

I am an audio editor and mastering engineer with over 20 years experience and also provide mixing services for podcasts, audiobooks and webinars etc.

I don’t see a lot of audio engineers, or audio posts, on the forums so I thought I’d let you all know that we do exist :wink: especially if any of you encounter any problems which you are unable to fix with audio, especially you voiceover artists and video editors who may not immediately think about approaching someone like me to find a solution.

Good day to you all.


Really nice brother :blush::blush:




Hello dear, I am a singer and engineer (but not an audio engineer)… i meet many Youtuber Voice cover and singers here, but they dont use the forum a lot… (Youtube consume a lot of their time)


Thanks to all for the warm welcome.

Lots of useful topics and very helpful and knowledgeable members here.
Hopefully I’ll be able to contribute something useful to the community.


We’re here alright, we just like to keep our heads down!


Very true :slight_smile: We’re usually active on the many audio specific forums.

I guess if anyone has any questions relating to audio we’ll lift our heads and try our best to help.
How about all the voice over artists who struggle to get a good sound?