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Hello! Trying my hardest to get some sales on my gigs!


As the title says I really need some help with my gigs. I’m not really new on Fiverr, I’ve joined in 2014 and unfortunately I haven’t got anyone to buy any of my gigs over the past couple of years. I’ve promoted myself numerous of times everyday to get clicks and views. I’ve tried better wording my description to make it sound more convincing. I added better pictures on my portfolio to show what kind of styles, work, and etc that I can do so they wouldn’t feel suspicious. I just recently changed my icon to an actual picture of me (I was hesitant for so long because I don’t really like showing my face to the world like that I sometimes really like being incognito plus I’m really insecure of how I look, but business is business I guess.)

I’ve tried a lot on my gigs (I had numerous of gigs and now came down to one) and I’m starting to, after for so long, lose hope on Fiverr. If there’s any helpful advices to improve my gigs I would really love that…if there isn’t then I guess I have to move on to something else.

This is the link to my profile with the two gigs I have active if you don’t mind taking a look :slight_smile: -->


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