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Hello World! I have a promo , I'm hoping to meet my first client asap


First of all thanks fiverr, for the whole team who created this site, who sacrifice sleeps, blood and sweat… I salute, coz I know the feeling becoming a web developer… many thanks… I hope to make friends here , I want fiverr to be my permanent workplace… Please be kind to me… sorry for my bad english im from Philippines, I’m a full stack web developer, I graduated bachelor in Science in Iformation Technology, on 2016. I’m not stating that you need a bachelor degree to become a web developer, I just forcely take it ,not because im lucky but because I have the opportunity, because my parents work hard enough, suffered and sadly became a slave of government and the system, just to be able to financially support me.

I take this opportunity because , we humans must take all the opportunities in front of us and dont be a lazy, if you wanna succeed do all what you got, even we are poor or we are not having the bachelor degree or any diploma’s… We can still rise through hardwork…and we can become what we want to be… whatever our status in life… never give up.

In this topic, I am promoting my 2 gigs… include

1.Website Development
Details : Fullstack website from scratch, example(reservation system website, your business inventory system or any system website you need. )

-Starting at only $40 for fully working website not own by blogspot or wordpress , but yourself… The source code is yours… the database, the scripts, the initial hosting account…

  1. Graphic Design
    Details : starting at only $5 dollars
    example - official logo and gprahics assets , icon of your company, and your website or personal graphic design that you want to use in any project you have.

My other gigs is soon to be post but we can stay in touch and talk about it and start it now via message ,

  • Video Editing (like music & lyric video, anime music video, professional video production, all video in all occassion.) as low as $15 and you can ask it at lower price if you think my price is inconvinient for you.
  • Gamer assistant
  • Computer assistant
  • Software technician
  • Computer hardware consultant (that will help you to choose what is the right hardware for you or what upgrade you need for your current system and to build gaming pc, will help you where to buy it, what is the cheapest possible high performance hardware now.)
    -All in one (I’m also available to be hired by someone here as personal IT expert…) as low as $8 per day as starting but if you want you can increase my salary base on my performance…
  • I also available to be hired as contract IT and even its just a week or 1 day gig…

I’m looking forward working with you guys…