Hello World! I'm going full time, and trying things out here on fiverr. Your attention is appreciated!


Hello everyone! Hello buyers and sellers. I’m not that new on fiverr, but I just turned level 1! I was very shocked.

I am planning to go with this full time. I am a little scared if this is going to sustain my life or not, I’m crossing my fingers, and would appreciate any help you can do. I illustrate children’s book, and now I’m at my lowest price just so I could get attention and get more work.

If you could help me out to succeed on this life :blush: I would be so so happy!

I am extremely hardworking, super quick, with high quality output, lots of experience for 6 years in professional illustration (not including my whole life work in illustration), and am also a CG Artist and animator. I am very thankful there is a service like this online, thank you FIVERR!

Please help me spread the word. This is my top gig.


Hello there!

Your Gig is pretty good! If you are going to 24h there is some tips:
1- Stay always responding to Buyer Requests;
2- Optimize your Gig content;
3- Use a blog to showcase and make it available on your Gig;
4- Don’t make your job underpriced! Instead, give options like: 3 illustrations for $5.
5. Spread your services over the social channels (SEO will help).

Hope to help and my best regards,


Thank you very much for taking the time to share your feedback. I agree with your points. I’m gonna update this gig now. Thank you once again!


Always available! Good luck!