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Hello! Would anyone on here please look over my gig?


I’m a video editor who’s pretty new to fiverr and that means I haven’t got a clue what a good gig looks like here outside of pretty general tutorials. Here’s a link to my profile (! Please be as detailed (and as constructively harsh) as you can/want to be! Honestly, its taken a lot to work up the confidence to ask, but I think I can only improve the representation of my skills at this point.

Also, yes, I know I have 6 out of 10 on my photoshop test. I was foolish and didn’t realize the shear scale of textbook knowledge my lil self taught self would need to have. I will be upping that and my after effects score sooner rather than later haha. Finally, I’ll be comparing my job to other - more successful - jobs as well to match their style in the near future. I just wanted to get more specific feedback too!

Best and thank you!

Sam K.


Welcome to the fiverr forum.
Your gig title should be" I will edit an engaging commercial for your brand"
Analyze other seller gigs, who offer your service and describe your service how they have.
See the other gigs tags, gig tags plays very important roll in showing your gig in search result.
Send buyer request.


Thank you!!!
I’ve gotten one other comment about title keywords and I didn’t have a clue what they meant. Adding “I will” must be what they were talking about. One more question, what’s a buyer request on Fiverr? Does fiverr have a built in letter of inquiry type feature? That would be incredible!

I’m gonna get on everything else right now!

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Everything I’m reading right now is saying that Fiverr automatically adds “I will” to the beginning of the gig title, but it doesn’t seem to be doing that and I can’t type it in manually. Help!

Hey Sam, it takes a lot to put yourself out there and ask for feedback. Kudos to you…you’re going in the right direction. Also, your skillset is very much needed.

You say you will edit an engaging video but I wonder is the video in your profile your most engaging. While the video quality was beautiful, the individual shots were signs of your professionalism…but the overall video wasn’t engaging. I only watched the entire thing because I wanted to give honest feedback. Also, your description talks about presenting a brand’s “passion” but there’s nothing really passionate about what i’ve read…again…I didn’t want to keep reading because I wasn’t intrigued but I read the entire thing because of wanting to have read everything.

There are so many techniques in marketing…I wonder what you think about asking a few question in the opening that allows the reader to realize they have those needs or problems…then the rest of your text shows YOU are the solution to that problem. Just a few thoughts


Last thought…I just did a fiverr search for what you offered and then clicked on the “bestselling” gig. and the first line reads

“Take the time, cost, and hassle out of turning your idea into reality.”

Hidden in that statement is a problem that the buy can identify with… Let me know your thoughts

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Thank you!!! That video is actually a slice of life piece I put together to advertise montage/fancy transition skills to the YouTube community, so I need to double down and edit myself a new, more engaging video!

Thank you also for the feedback on my description. I’ll ask some questions and break up the paragraphs a little more. That should help with pacing and engagement.

Thank you so much!

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In your gig title, you have added “a” instead of “an”.
Keywords are the word which the buyers search when they want a service.
Like your gig title keyword is “video editing”
Some buyers do not search for service by gigs, they send requests to find a perfect seller for their service who understand their needs.
Buyer request found under “more” on your profile top bar.

If you have any issue in creating or editing gig you should contact fiver customer support, they will solve your problem. Here is the link to fiver customer support.


I think you will do well. One other note…I noted you have the same pricing structure as the #1 seller…If I was prospect…even if your gig looked better I would purchase from the guy who has a ton more views…what are you thoughts on lower your price while you accumulate a few reviews?


Thank you!!! I’ve added in those keywords and thank you for the help clarifying what a buyer request is. I really appreciate it.

Huh, I had no idea the #1 was so cheap. The other ads I looked at were between $250-500 I honestly thought I was undercutting them :sweat_smile: I’ll go adjust my pricing accordingly

No, you have edited it wrong add “edit an engaging commercial for your brand”
Your gig tilt is good, the only problem was the “a” instead of “an”.
your gig title was " edit a engaging commercial for your brand" which is wrong grammar wise.

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I know! I just took an additional step to try and distill and punch it up a little more after looking at some other competing gigs. Do you think that the original title was more focused and better overall?

I’m more than happy to change it back!

When you create your title once, it is permanent, if you change it, the gig link will be the same as you had first created. I think your first title was good.
You can create 7 gigs as a new seller, you should search your market and create more gigs
on targeted keywords.

Oh, thank you!! That’s really good information, I’m really really appreciative of the advice!

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