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Hellooo! new on here!

Hello i’m John, had my account for a while but just setting everything up proper! really excited to be starting my freelance journey as a designer! Looking forward to great interactions! :heart:


Hey John, welcome to Fiverr! Best of luck with your freelance journey here! :smile:

Hey, John! That’s exciting to hear. Wishing you the best of luck. What kind of design work do you like to do?


Thank you Elena! I’ll remember this! :wink:

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Hey Greg! I prefer works involving branding mostly and i also do some Illustrations! but i’m open to other oppurtunities to! i have two gigs set up already you could check them out!

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Welcome to fiverr community.

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Thank you, Fahim! :bowing_man:

congrats try to stay with fiverr you will get more and more sell on fiverr bcz this is the world biggest and best marketplace

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