Hellow dear fellows


Tell me by which method i will get customers and starts work.


You can start by reading the Fiverr Academy and then you make sure your gigs are well represented with no images or text that is taken from anyone, or anywhere, else.
Spend some time marketing on social media and other places
Send your 10 buyer requests every day
Have extreme patience
Make sure when you get an order to do your very best

It takes time and isn’t a get rich quick scheme here. Good luck.


for example the logos in your gig weren’t made by you. That’s copyright infringement and is against TOS (and against the law).

Put up logos that you yourself made.


tell me methode that how i send ten request per day


the picture i have uploaded are of those logos that are made by me






I can made it by my own also . I have its vector form little bit different from it that’s made by meee


good luck with that. It’s a clear violation of copyright.


i can’t even look
Its so shinny…