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Hellow dear frind am long time after. help needed

hellow my dear friends . am not work with fiverr 3-4 month’s i got accident then my left hand and leg are broken now am good but my leg can’t to walk . but hand are good . that is the problem i need do fiverr again because i cant do job with my leg :frowning: but i can work with fiverr . but i made few gigs to get orders but its not appear to recmonded list :frowning: there only hanging new list . now i delete last gig’s and made new one i hope i can get recmonded list . but if not i dont know what to do can you help me what need to do to gig get to recmonded list. do you any time or day or anytrick . :frowning: if you cant say it publish just leave a contact msg please . i made gig for differant ideas now i made it amazing title texing :smiley: thats my gig and i contact cs there no respond to help :stuck_out_tongue: now only hope is your i know there have good frinds :slight_smile: thank you

Sorry to learn of your accident. I know how difficult that can be. I was critically injured in an automobile accident years ago and almost died three times. I ended up permanently disabled and was a single mother, still raising school-age children. So I empathize with your problems.

I don’t know why you contacted customer support, but it is not their job to help you make sales or promote your gigs. You need to read through some of the excellent posts here in the forums that offer good tips about making sales and improving your gigs. You can use the forum search engine for specific topics.

Fiverr has editors who pick gigs to be featured. They pick gigs which are very well done, with excellent graphics, well-written descriptions and that are unusual or interesting as well as practical. Otherwise, everyone’s gigs get rotated through the system, and yours will also once it’s been indexed, which can take up to 24 hours. You need to do your own promotion, and Fiverr recommends videos (although I don’t use them. You don’t have to make one, but it can be helpful). Again, use the forum search engine to learn how to promote your gigs and make improvements.

Good luck, and hope you make a full recovery.

thank you brother

As usual, CelticMoon has good advice. Here are a few more tips I thought of…

THANKY YOU #typingservice